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Script Supervisor


Script Supervisor

• Intermediate Level


As the Script Supervisor you will oversee the master production script throughout the entirety of the film, tracking revisions and ensuring the script remains current.

Category Production Services  Writers 
Location San Francisco Bay Area
Time Period Full Time
Posted Date Mar 11, 2022
Start Date N/A
End Date N/A

Job Description

The Script Supervisor is responsible for managing the scratch and production dialogue recording processes and manages a Script Coordinator. This position requires high-level organization, attention to detail, judgment and flexibility. As a strategic partner to the Directors, Producers, Writers, Editors, and Story Artists, a Script Supervisor successfully balances the creative process, production goals, and recording needs, with an eye to the Studio’s commitment to quality and diversity.


  • Partners with Production leadership and Editorial to create and manage the department schedule, planning and strategizing for all PDX and SDX sessions
  • Partners with the Producers to create a recording schedule that supports the film’s schedule and budget
  • Applies critical thinking to problem resolution; communicates needs, provides options and makes recommendations; know when to elevate an issue to production leadership
  • Creates alternative strategies in the event of significant changes to film complexity and/or resources
  • Thoughtfully negotiates with both internal and external groups to solve problems and broker agreements; builds trust
  • Establishes a positive rapport with Department Managers, communicating relevant information in the spirit of collaboration and mutual support
  • Responsible for managing writing and recorded dialogue as inventory as it moves through the production pipeline
  • Manages and schedules work that enters and leaves the department, ensuring that communications are accurate and complete
  • Builds and maintains healthy, productive working relationships with key collaborators: Director(s), Writer(s), Editors, Story Supervisor, and Producer(s)
  • Partners with Production Management across the pipeline to communicate shifting priorities, executing game plans and troubleshooting as needed
  • Updates Production Leadership and appropriate Production Management on all notable Script / Story changes as they occur
  • Maintains strong partnership with Editorial: plans and prepares for PDX and SDX sessions; aligns and shifts priorities based on a dynamic and evolving Production schedule
  • Collaborates with Casting Department and fellow Script Supes to update internal scratch casting documents and database
  • Collaborates with ancillary departments; e.g. Feature Relations, Publishing, Finance, Marketing, Post, Archives, Trailers, and external Script and Story credit arbitration 
  • Liaises with the Legal team, flagging script clearance needs and changes in a timely manner while highlighting priorities
  • May manage and support the Writer(s) schedule and delivery priorities
  • Acts as a resource to the Director(s) and Story / Editorial teams regarding location and status of lines in current and past iterations of the script
Process and Tools
  • Maintains, updates, and distributes the Production script as requested
  • Tracks dialogue recording status at all times; generates and distributes status summaries and character line counts
  • Produces customized reports appropriate for the intended audience, as needed or requested
  • Collates writing notes
  • Tracks and conforms all director-approved changes in order to maintain a current version of the script
  • Creates an archival “milestone” conformed script after every screening 
  • Tracks writer contributions for credit arbitration at end of production
  • Adds into script vocalizations, action when not written, and anything new that comes up in Story/Edit/Script reviews
  • Leads scratch casting and scheduling. Reserves recording studio, talent, editorial support, and director’s time. Tracks time during sessions and adjusts schedules as needed. Directs SDX as needed
  • Prepares and distributes recording materials for actors, director, and all other session attendees
  • Attends and logs takes during all recording sessions; tracks circle takes and spontaneous alts
  • Schedules dialogue review sessions with the Director as needed; updates the script with review notes
  • Manages time tracking, rest breaks, and navigates the room and productivity in SDX and PDX sessions
  • Looks for ways to maximize efficiencies and develop collaborative processes
  • Maintains critical attention to security when distributing all material
Team Leadership
  • Exercises strong leadership skills in collaboration with others to inspire and guide a team to success
  • Trains, manages day-to-day, and oversees the work of the Script Coordinator. Provides mentorship, assigns and delegates tasks, and delivers feedback. Sets the appropriate tone, serves as an example for the Script Coordinator to follow
  • Leads recording sessions, Producer checks, script reviews, and other relevant meetings: crafts agendas, sets goals, monitors pace, and shifts priorities as needed
  • Influences people and results by building trust and meaningful delegation
Talent Relations
  • Exudes professionalism and poise when working with scratch and production voice talent, serving as a representative for Pixar
  • Serves as the primary point of contact for internal and external scratch actors
  • Corresponds with recording studios and talent representation as needed
  • Support the creative process & diversity initiatives
  • Actively advocates for casting in support of studio-wide diversity efforts; proactively tracks and flags gender / race line and character count disparities from earliest phases of script iteration; facilitates diverse casting in scratch and loop group. Handles conversations with appropriate sensitivity and thoughtfulness
  • Helps craft audience response surveys (Notesar). Supervises collation of notes. Analyzes responses and identifies key themes. Compiles results and shares with Production Leadership in a constructive format
  • Preserves and promotes Pixar’s culture of respect and innovation
  • Balances multiple perspectives: Individual, Department, Show, and Studio
  • A minimum of 3-5 years of practical experience in feature-animation, short-animation film, or feature production; or equivalent experience
  • Bachelor’s degree in filmmaking, communications, or English; or equivalent experience
  • High proficiency with Final Draft software, Excel, Word, and Google Suite
  • Ability to quickly learn and master proprietary script formatting and tracking software
  • Possesses exceptional attention to detail and follow-through, and the ability to function under pressure
  • Ability to work independently; self-motivated and resourceful
  • Ability to develop and maintain collaborative relationships at all levels
  • Ability to anticipate and manage multiple tasks and identify and assert priorities within a dynamic, fast-paced, and deadline-driven production environment
  • Adaptable; able to effectively respond to shifting priorities
  • Keen visual and auditory memory
  • Must be enterprising, innovative, highly organized, and resourceful
  • Must have superior written and oral communication and follow-through skills. A knowledgeable and effective communicator across all directions of the production pipeline
  • Ability to travel during peak of production. May include weekend and international travel (up to 50% travel time per week during peak production)
  • Strong ability to command a room
  • Previous script or recording session experience
  • Strong creative sensibilities with comfort level and experience working with all levels of production from Assistant through Writer(s)/Director(s)/Producers
  • Proven reliability in handling sensitive material and security concerns under very tight deadlines
  • Familiarity with current child labor laws and SAG rules

Job Type Full Time 
Weekly Limit N/A
Shift Day, Evening, Overnight
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