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Background Designer


Background Designer

$26/hour - $28/hour
• Emerging Level


The Background Designer is responsible for carrying out the research, design and revision of assigned locations or set pieces.

Category Art Department  Graphic Design  Special Effects 
Location Greater Atlanta Area
Time Period Full Time
Posted Date Oct 28, 2022
Start Date N/A
End Date N/A

Job Description

The Background Designer works with a team of designers under the Lead Background Designer to make sure designs in each episode are delivered in a way that is consistent with the show's style, level of quality, and production capability. The Background Designer reports to the Lead Background Designer.

Skills Required:
  • Expert knowledge of Perspective
  • Strong sense of Color, Color Theory, and Color Harmony
  • Possess an excellent understanding of light, and shadow,  along with the ability to create mood and atmosphere in paintings
  • Expert knowledge of Adobe photoshop or a similar application (such as Clip Studio Paint etc)
  • Ability to convey accurate scale and proportion of architecture and props
  • Possess strong composition skills and a broad understanding of landscape and layout compositions
  • Able to maintain style consistency as well as adapt to a broad range of styles from realistic to stylized.
  • Ability to interpret script material, Art Direction notes, and story board images to produce clear and effective designs.
  • Must have an general understanding of the animation production pipeline
  • Working proficiency in 3D software (Sketchup, and Blender)
  • Must take feedback well, and have the ability to address notes quickly and efficiently
  • Must be an effective communicator with Leads, Directors, and other members of the team
  • Produce high quality visual depictions of assignments in various forms, and variations (including but not limited to, Sketches, paintings, 3D Previsualizations, and 3D Designs)
  • Visually explore all aspects of an assignment including but not limited to: architecture, natural environments, furniture, decorations, props, and vehicles.
  • Research and gather accurate reference on a variety of topics
  • Produce color examples of designs, including: lighting, textures, and patterns
  • Execute changes and revisions as requested by Art Director/Background Design Director/Lead Background Designer
  • Seek out clarification when direction or feedback is confusing or vague.
  • Communicate when your current workload is not accomplishable by the deadline.
  • Collaborate with respect, humility, inclusion and open-mindedness.
  • Must reside in GA or relocate to GA.
  • Must be able to provide authorization to work in the US. 
  • Must be able to provide proof of COVID vaccination and boosters.
Hourly range: $26.00-28.00

Estimated start: Mid November

Job Type Full Time 
Weekly Limit N/A
Shift Day
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