- Technical Animator (Shot Finaling)

Job Details

Technical Animator (Shot Finaling)


Technical Animator (Shot Finaling)

• Emerging Level


Junior Technical Animator: No past experience required, Intermediate Technical Animator: 1-2 Years Experience in the Industry, Senior Technical Animator: 3+ Years Experience in the Industry

Category Animation  Art Department  Modeler  Special Effects 
Location Vancouver, BC, Canada
Time Period Full Time
Posted Date Oct 03, 2023
Start Date N/A
End Date N/A

Job Description

Junior Technical Animator
Experience: No past experience required

Demo reel:
- Knowledge of Maya and understanding of the 3D Environment
- Basic animation and modeling skills
- Basic knowledge on Maya nCloth or other cloth related softwares

- Achieve shot quota targets 
- Able to follow instructions closely 
- Polish already established animation including geometry crashing and animation errors 
- Comfortable in overtime scenarios 
- Able to have good communication with the supervisor and the team

Intermediate Technical Animator
Experience: 1-2 Years Experience in the Industry

Demo reel:
- Intermediate animation and modeling skills
- Intermediate knowledge on Maya nDynamics. Showcase understanding different aspects of Maya nCloth like light or heavy cloth, as well as cloth applied in different scenarios like wind or underwater dynamics


- Comfortable with Icon's rig systems
- Multi-department experience: topology, weight painting, caching
- Experience on importing/exporting animation using Studio Library or PAIE
- Knowledgeable about Maya constraints and deformers (native or pipeline)
- Understanding of most of nucleus based dynamics attributes
- Critical thinking and responsibility to solve own tasks

Senior Technical Animator
Experience: 3+ Years Experience in the Industry

Demo reel:
- Intermediate animation and modeling skills
- Advanced knowledge on Maya nDynamics. Action shots with multi-layered cloth, displaying understanding of cloth collisions and nucleus attributes

- Responsible for the hardest cloth shots on the team
- Good understanding of Icon's rig systems, being able to add cloth systems in specific shots
- Comfortable with hand animating hair and cloth when needed
- Understanding of modeling for topology fixing and UV mapping
- Basic Arnold knowledge
- Intermediate to advanced Python knowledge, able to understand errors and edit parameters for error fixing

Job Type Full Time 
Weekly Limit N/A
Shift Day
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