- Supervising Producer, The Gray Area

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Supervising Producer, The Gray Area


Supervising Producer, The Gray Area

• Intermediate Level
Skills: Editor Booker


The supervising producer is responsible for turning an ambitious editorial vision into reality. The SP is part showrunner, part editorial co-lead, and part cheerleader/mentor.

Category Booking  Editor  Producers 
Location Remote Location
Time Period Full Time
Posted Date Apr 24, 2023
Start Date N/A
End Date N/A

Job Description

Vox is a user’s guide to the news produced by the reporters and subject issue experts who know it best and The Gray Area is our deep-dive conversation podcast, featuring philosophical takes on culture, politics, and everything in between.

The supervising producer is responsible for turning an ambitious editorial vision into reality. The SP is part showrunner, part editorial co-lead, and part cheerleader/mentor. The SP sets the tone for the team’s work together, inspires team members to reach for creative and editorial excellence, champions the show across the organization, and ensures seamless, productive workflows. This is a hands-on job: the SP books guests, produces and cuts episodes, coaches tracking sessions, supervises the show’s producer, and manages workflow and production schedules.

The supervising producer should have a background in ideas-driven journalism, the ability to manage a twice-weekly production process, and a track record of producing in-depth interviews.  You will know what makes a great conversation and how to push and shape ideas into their sharpest forms. You will also ideally have experience managing and can mentor and develop the host, guest hosts, producer, and engineer. A curious mind and reverence for explanatory journalism are must-have qualities. 

  • Mentor and manage producer, act as primary decision maker on staffing and performance
  • Coach, prep, and collaborate with the host and guest hosts
  • Lead production and editorial meetings
  • Pitch, book, produce and edit episodes
  • Create and manage production calendars, workflow and various projects
  • Manage the editing process and serve as the synthesizer of feedback
  • Identify interview clips for use on social media as promotion for individual episodes
  • Suggest interviews to be featured on, written by host or SP
  • Collaborate with partners in marketing, audience development, and more to ensure the shows are reaching the biggest audience possible
  • Plan ambitious series and create a plan for the growth of the show’s ambition and impact
  • Ensure shows meet Vox’s high journalistic and creative standards
  • A strong interest or background in philosophy and ideas-driven journalism
  • Ability to manage producers, audio engineers and freelance staff 
  • Strong collaborative skills, as well as the ability to delegate and prioritize effectively
  • Experience vetting show pitches and guiding the episode development process
  • A portfolio that demonstrates an ear for great conversation and rigorous approaches to interviews
  • Ability to coach and develop host talent and producers
  • Proficiency in audio editing in ProTools
  • Expert editorial judgment
  • Effective at multitasking; flexibility to adapt on short notice
  • A passion for explanatory journalism 
If you think you have what it takes, but don't meet every single point in our job posting, please apply with a cover letter to let us know how you believe you can bring your unique skills to the Vox Media team or get in touch! We’ve hired chefs who became editors, DJs who became UX designers, and sommeliers who became writers.

Pay Range
$100,000—$130,000 USD

Job Type Full Time 
Weekly Limit N/A
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