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FX Supervisor


FX Supervisor

• Intermediate Level


The FX Supervisor is responsible for the work that comes out of their department, ensuring their team meets the high quality standards and specifications of the project.

Category Art Department  Special Effects 
Location Montreal, Canada
Time Period Full Time
Posted Date Feb 23, 2023
Start Date N/A
End Date N/A

Job Description

Working closely with the VFX Supervisor and CG Supervisor, they establish an approach that accounts for technical challenges, the Rodeo FX pipeline, and which respects the client's creative vision.

They are responsible for ensuring fluid communication with Production and the FX Artists, as well as delegating appropriate workloads. Acting as an artistic and technical resource, they coach, train and provide feedback to FX Artists.

Main responsibilities:
  • Work with the Head of Department and the Production team to plan and establish the workflow and methodology that will be applied throughout the project for their specialty, ensuring the best creative and technical approach to meet project requirements, budgets and deadlines;
  • Make recommendations as to potential tool development required and participate in the creation of tools for their speciality. Ensure that tools are tested before their integration and that clear documentation is available;
  • Participate in the casting of artists on projects. In conjunction with Production, assign shots and sequences to artists, taking into account their abilities and level;
  • Communicate the creative vision and objectives to their team, ensuring individual and/or team responsibility for results are understood;
  • Direct the artists in their work throughout the project and closely monitor the quality of work produced. Run dailies sessions, review assets and shots and make sure work follows proper methodology and corresponds with client’s artistic vision; 
  • Participate or work on complex shots or sequences;
  • Resolve visual, artistic and technical issues throughout the project, working with other supervisors and/or the CG Supervisor, escalating to the Head of Department as needed; 
  • Monitor upcoming milestones and keep the project team informed of the status of work, issues to be resolved, ramifications of problems encountered and potential solutions;
  • Intervene rapidly with team members who do not meet the set objectives, ethics or work methods, by proposing solutions and clarifying expectations. Notify the Head of Department of any repetitive or serious issues;
  • Actively monitor the work climate in the team, ensure the maintenance of a positive work environment and adherence to company values; 
  • Communicate any staffing shortages to the Head of Department, as well as any artists who may not have enough work. May assist in finding alternative tasks (training, R&D pipeline tools, etc);
  • Mentor members of their team by providing training and sharing knowledge. Communicate any specific training needs to the Head of Department. May participate in preparing training materials or giving group training sessions;
  • Complete mid & post mortem reviews for the artists on their team. Participate in annual reviews of artists by providing feedback to the Head of Department;
  • May assist the Head of Department with hiring functions (screening and interviewing);
  • May assist the production team with bidding for shows;
  • Maintain up-to-date knowledge of their specialty and be on the lookout for the latest technological advances in methods and approaches.
  • Experience in a similar position, within the VFX industry;
  • Excellent understanding of proceduralism and SideFX Houdini knowledge (sop, flip, pyro, rbd, vellum); 
  • Good knowledge of Nuke and Arnold;
  • Good knowledge of Shotgun;
  • Good sense of physics and timing; 
  • Excellent understanding of the VFX production pipeline;
  • Ability to stay calm under pressure and act as a positive role model and mentor.

Job Type Full Time 
Weekly Limit N/A
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