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IATSE Real Works Hair Stylist Training, Second City Improv Comedy Fellowship, LGBTQ+ Recognition, and Golden Globes Update 

The inaugural IATSE Entertainment Industry Hair Stylists Training program graduates its first class, Second City is offering an Asian-American Pacific-Islander Fellowship in improv comedy, Nickelodeon and Golda Roshevual are recognized for LGBTQ+ work, and The Golden Globes boycott continues. 

By Lauren Cali 
May 4, 2022

IATSE Real Works Hair Stylist Training

The Make-up Artists & Hair Stylists Local 798 graduated the first ever IATSE Entertainment Industry Hair Stylist Training program with 12 participants.

The program helps to recognize and bring awareness to the lack of diversity in the hairstyle industry in Hollywood - The Hollywood Reporter reports. Reel Works and the union are working to bring more BIPOC hair stylists to the industry. 

Those who participated in the inaugural program were exposed to employment opportunities and prepared for careers in TV and movies. Hands-on training included period hairstyling, braiding and wig preparation. 

Reel Works co-founder and executive director John Williams said:
“We are now able to equip our students with the skills necessary to fashion all textures and styles of hair for the stage and screen. We hope to help contribute to the amazing strides that are being made in the name of increased diversity and inclusion across the industry that serves our city.” 

Local 798 president Angela Johnson said: 

“We are proud of our diverse, talented membership, and look forward to welcoming the graduates of this program to the industry. This program is part of Local 798’s continuing plan to facilitate the expansion of equity, diversity, inclusion, accessibility and belonging in the entertainment industry as we tell stories together with all our collaborators on the stage and screen.” 

Second City Improv Comedy Fellowship

Chicago’s The Second City has launched the Victor Wong Fellowship for AAPI Voices in Comedy - Deadline reports. The Second City has been home to comedic talent since 1959. 

Sixteen fellows will have the opportunity to receive a ten-week program in improvisational comedy. The fellows will be taught by The Second City’s instructors and directors, and have access to the theater’s executive creative team and alumni, including AAPI mentors. At the conclusion of the program, the fellows will present a mix of their original comedy, improvisational games, and classic scenes from The Second City archives in a showcase event on a Second City stage in Chicago.

COO of The Second City Parisa Jalili said: 

“Beyond professional success on stage and screen, the skills of improvisation are a kind of super-power for life. We are thrilled that this gift will allow us to train emerging AAPI talent to both hone their comedy skills as well as their skills to be deeply collaborative, resilient, and creative individuals.”

Interested? Auditions will be held this August. Find out more about The Second City.

LGBTQ+ Recognition

Companies and individuals work hard to make a difference for the LGBTQ+ community. 

Nickelodeon is set to receive honors at this year’s GLSEN Respect Awards - Variety reports. The studio has been empowering and supporting LGBTQ+ youth. In the past few years, Nickelodeon has broadcast several television shows that feature prominent LGBTQ characters and queer themes. Shows include: 

  • - Danger Force 
  • - The Loud House
  • - Power Rangers: Dino Fury 

Executive vice president of public affairs at Nickelodeon Marva Smalls said: 

“Nickelodeon is honored to be recognized by GLSEN, and we look forward to continued collaborations as we strive to create content that supports and empowers LGBTQ+ youth.”
Golda Rosheuval 
Golda Rosheuvel was honored at this year’s Human Rights Campaign gala in New York with the Equality Award. The actress is best known for her role as Queen Charlotte on Bridgerton . Golda said: 

“Being authentic and true to who I am has been something that I’ve championed in my own life, so to be able to get up there tonight and speak my journey is really important. That one person who’s struggling might hear it and be confident enough to step [up] in their own life.”

Golden Globes Update
The Hollywood Foreign Press Association’s goal to shed its nonprofit status to remake the Golden Globes is rife with conflict. Particularly concerning would be the shifting power dynamic that would result in a racial diversity issue. 

In a continuing attempt to gain for-profit status, Hollywood publicists are boycotting The Hollywood Foreign Press Association- The Wrap reports

In a meeting between 75 publicists and HFPA president Helen Hoehne, board members and Chief Diversity Officer Neil Phillips, reform efforts were showcased. But fell short of expectations. - The Wrap Reports

The 2023 telecast has also not been confirmed with NBC yet, who hasn’t committed. 

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