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Find crew members for every production

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Gig Up. Crew Up. Connect. is a movement for simplifying and diversifying hiring within the production community, and our unique platform makes us the go-to for sourcing talented, local crew members. helps productions to:
Find vetted crew Look no further: makes it easy to hire local vetted crew – no matter where you film. Our platform is designed to meet your production needs: it streamlines the hiring and payment processes while respecting your budget and assuring quality talent. Reduce spend and optimize budget Studios often import up to 70% of crew members to production hub shoots and this costs an average of $6,300 per crew member, per month. Hiring vetted local talent via significantly reduces production budgets and optimizes spend. Access a diverse pool of talent We are proud to support all film professionals in finding consistent work and to help level the playing field for women and professionals of color, who are underrepresented in the entertainment industry. Learn more about how Include can help you hire diverse experienced talent today. Simple and secure payments Our seamless payment gateway empowers employers to rapidly recruit a pool of vetted talent and provides consistent on-time payment and reporting.
Get notified We know how hard it is to find production gigs. We’ll let you know when jobs that fit your needs are available. Production jobs at every level Find above the line and below the line jobs in your hometown. Simple and secure direct deposit Get paid for all of your production work - on time, and in your bank account. Network with hiring managers Find out about local production jobs - before they are crewed up.
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