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Production Resource Manager

Production Resource Manager

• Intermediate Level


The Production Resource Manager is responsible for managing, scheduling and forecasting the staffing needs of Lux Machina in collaboration with department Directors.

Category HR/Recruiting/Staffing  Production Manager 
Location Greater Los Angeles Area
Time Period Full Time
Posted Date Jul 13, 2022
Start Date N/A
End Date N/A

Job Description

Must keep a global view of staffing across the organization

Essential Duties/Responsibilities:
  • Work with the LuxMC Virtual Production Producers and LuxMC Virtual Production Managers to generate an accurate estimate of the stage or on-set labor based on a thorough plan for the project in question; advise on sourcing talent to effectively execute LuxMC Virtual Production projects.
  • Work closely with department directors on global staffing and scheduling.
  • Attend sales and production meetings to understand and forecast hiring needs.
  • Work closely with department directors to understand employee skills, desires and ability to cover multiple disciplines and staff accordingly. 
  • Manage staff with regards to project schedules and vacation.
  • Work with recruiting to develop and maintain job descriptions.
  • Coordinate employee reviews with department directors.
  • Coordinate project based reviews via performance management system.
  • Coordinate project post mortems.
  • Develop initiatives to continuously improve and advance the department and staff.
  • Maintain a list of freelancers.
  • Work with department directors to define career paths and requirements and skills for career development.
  • Assist with and approve expense reports.
  • Occasional travel to set and/or client meetings.
  • Other duties as assigned
Position Requirements:
  • Must be detail-oriented, highly organized, and able to handle a variety of tasks in an efficient manner.
  • 5+ years of experience in production management.
  • Experience with successful on-set client interaction and key creative collaboration.
  • Track record of successfully delivering high-quality data in a rapidly changing environment
  • Proven track record in leadership and mentorship.
  • Strong comprehension of the concepts, practices, and procedures used in visual effects and film production.
  • Experience in a visual effects and shot production pipeline.
  • Must be highly computer literate with Mac and Windows as well as GSuite.
  • Excellent communication, interpersonal, and diplomacy skills.
  • Ability to deliver superior service and build lasting relationships by demonstrating NEP’s Core Values: innovative, one team, passion and integrity.

Job Type Full Time 
Weekly Limit N/A
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