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FX Supervisor


The FX Supervisor is responsible for creating the effects of the show and supervising the FX team technically and artistically.

Category Animation  Art Department  Special Effects 
Location London, United Kingdom
Time Period Full Time
Posted Date Aug 09, 2023
Start Date N/A
End Date N/A

Job Description

The FX Supervisor is responsible for creating the effects of the show and supervising the FX team technically and artistically.

Skydance Animation UK requires employees provide UK right to work documentation at the start of employment.

  • Keeps up on current technology trends and tools (hardware and software) that best suit the production (and the company) in the development of a stronger creative technical environment. 
  • Coordinates with other departments to develop and implement solutions for the show using procedural techniques. 
  • Works closely with the VFX Supervisor and film Director to design the effects from a creative point of view. 
  • Advanced knowledge of compositing theory, concepts and techniques. 
  • Provides feedback to the FX team and approves all the shots before presenting them to VFX Supervisor and Director. 
  • Works closely with the Lighting and Compositing Supervisors to design eye-catching effects. 
  • Carries out some of the following simulations: fluid, rigid body dynamics, volumetrics, particles, procedural components. 
  • Acts as the primarily contact person and is responsible of the department. 
  • Collaborates and keeps a fluid communication with other departments. 
  • Assigns the work to each team member, according to skills sets. 
  • Gives guidance to the team, supervises the quality of the work, and works closely with production to complete deadlines. 
  • Partners with HR and TA to source and recruit the best talent in the industry. 
  • Mentors potential up-and-coming artists to guide them in their career paths. 
  • Acts as a company ambassador utilizing his/her extensive network in the industry, and plays a key role in selling the studio as a first-class place of work, maintaining ongoing relationships with key industry players, contributing to Skydance’sreputation. 
  • 8+ years in VFX or animation industries.   
  • At least 4 years of experience as Lead in the animation industry. 
  • Deep knowledge of Houdini, USDand Arnold.  
  • Coding: Python, C++ 
  • Advanced English level. 
  • Spanish oral and written is desirable. 
Soft Skills
  • Develops new techniques, systems, concepts or business opportunities that require maximum level of creative thinking, acting as a pioneer in areas of technical, artistic and creative research.  
  • Gets others to assume greater responsibility, frequently and voluntarily.  
  • Promotes teamwork both in and across teams. 
  • Encourages open communication, keeps the team informed by transmitting new ideas in presentations or in writing to clearly articulate strategic ideas.  
  • Adapts and manages changes in strategic needs and priorities and implements new processes to increase productivity.  
  • Assesses in a precise manner the strengths and areas for improvement to propose developmental needs for the team.  
  • Enthusiastically shares objectives, encouraging coworkers to reach goals, focusing on their best qualities. 
  • Deliverables exceed expectations and are accomplished with high levels of professionalism, completeness, commitment and strong work ethic.  
  • Sense of humor required.  

Job Type Full Time 
Weekly Limit N/A
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