- Director Of Cinematography - Layout

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Director Of Cinematography - Layout


Director Of Cinematography - Layout

• Intermediate Level


They are responsible for supervising and delivering all aspects of cinematography, from animatic through the final film output.

Category Animation  Art Department  Cinematographer  Directors  Special Effects 
Location Vancouver, BC, Canada
Time Period Full Time
Posted Date Sep 12, 2022
Start Date N/A
End Date N/A

Job Description

The Director of Cinematography - Layout will oversee a team of artists working together to capture the impression of the Director’s vision through the camera including environment asset creation. This is a regular, full time, staff position that will be located at our Vancouver, BC studio. Please note that relocation eligibility may be determined based on role and individual circumstance.

Role Specifics
  • Work with the Director, VFX Supervisor, and Director of Cinematography - Lighting to realize their vision to define and implement the Cinematography style and practices for the show.
  • Supervise a Layout Team composed of layout artists in creating the world that is specified by the Director.
  • Supervise the creation of the camera rig and lens packages to be used for the show.
  • Maintain functional parity between Layout, Animation, and Lighting.
  • Direct the continuing maintenance and streamlining of the Layout process.
  • Develop and maintain portions of the environment bibles, specifically in relation to the technical implementation of pertinent characteristics.
  • Work closely with the Animation Team to ensure the successful collaboration, handoff, and execution of environments and cameras.
  • Partner with the Director of Cinematography – Lighting, following all shots from conception to completion.
  • Partner with the Editor and editorial department to ensure that the Director’s cinematic vision is captured.
  • Responsible for consumability and efficiency of deliverables into downstream departments. 
  • Drives department processes, bidding, and reviews.
  • Determines resource needs and collaborates with studio, show, and department leadership in finding staffing solutions. 
  • Analyzes and determines cost implications of requests and strategizes on solutions in partnership with show leadership.  
Leading People
  • Creates an inclusive and safe work environment by carefully managing sensitive information, making rooms feel open and comfortable, creating space for everyone to have a voice, and addressing bias when it occurs.
  • Sets the creative and technical vision/expectations for the supervisors, leads, and department.  Responsible for seeing that vision through to completion. 
  • In tight conjunction with the Production Management and AM, inspires and motivates the supervisors, leads, and department.  Responsible for the tone and morale of the department. 
  • Contributes to the overall craft and leadership development of supervisors, leads, and department through setting expectations, delivering consistent constructive feedback, recognition, and accountability. 
  • Creates, models, and supports a collaborative work environment within the team and between departments on the show. 
  • Identifies solutions and compromises in partnership with other department leaders utilizing a holistic view to meet show vision.
  • Provides regular updates to show leadership on the progress, health, and direction of the team. 
  • Keeps the team informed with context for show related changes and updates. 
Studio Stewardship
  • Studio Culture- Actively fosters an inclusive, innovative, and collaborative environment so every employee can contribute at the highest levels. 
  • Technology, Tools, and Workflow- Engages in the creation and execution of technical standards, pipeline conventions, and workflows to support the department, show, and studio.
  • Department Stewardship- Partners closely with peers and the Artist Manager to support an environment of creativity, trust, and innovation.  Actively involved in assessment, casting, hiring, and overall growth of artists. 
Recommended Experiences
  • Minimum 4 years of leadership experience that demonstrates a strong ability to lead and mentor others.
  • Demonstrated history of problem solving and project management skills.
  • Ability to quickly learn and adapt to  WDAS standards, pipeline, tools, and workflows as they relate to discipline(s) you would be leading. 
  • Understanding of the disciplines/craft which you would be leading.
  • Bachelor’s degree or higher in Art, Illustration, Cinema Studies, Computer Graphics, Engineering or equivalent experience.
  • Experience as a Layout Supervisor, Sequence Supervisor, CG Supervisor, or similar role in CG Animation and/or Visual Effects production.
  • Experience with camera rigs and mechanics and a strong understanding of lens effects.
  • Experience in doing previs, providing a blueprint, prior to production crews starting.
  • Strong understanding of the principles of cinematography and animation.
  • Strong knowledge and technical understanding of digital pipeline issues.
  • Strong knowledge of each of the following technical areas:
  • Maya®
  • 3D Modeling and Rigging
  • 3D Texture painting and mapping techniques
  • Animation principles
  • The Unix/Linux environment
Skill in the following areas is desired:
  • DSequencer
  • Traditional drawing, painting, design and/or sculpture
  • Knowledge of anatomy, kinematics and physical behaviors

Job Type Full Time 
Weekly Limit N/A
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