- R&D Engine Technical Director

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R&D Engine Technical Director


R&D Engine Technical Director

• Intermediate Level
Skills: Special Effects


Work with R/D team to build pipeline solutions, tools and interfaces to support production workflows

Category Special Effects  Technical Director 
Location London, United Kingdom
Time Period Full Time
Posted Date Sep 28, 2022
Start Date N/A
End Date N/A

Job Description

This role will require the employee to work closely with the on-set team of Supervisors, TDs & Operators. This role will specifically assist the CTO and R/D teams with advanced R/D exploration, execution, and development. This role is responsible for reporting to the VP of Rendering and R/D and assisting them with the building, testing and integration of tools and interfaces to support our client.

Essential Duties/Responsibilities:

● Work with R/D team to build pipeline solutions, tools and interfaces to support production workflows
● Prepare the various UE levels for the execution of an in-camera VFX shooting environment in collaboration with the Virtual Production Supervisor.
● Oversee the UE system setup, calibration, and operation during shooting, and work in pre-production to identify any custom code or custom blueprints that need to be created.
● Work with the Virtual Camera Supervisor to ensure quality real-time tracking data and the integrity of all captured data.
● Work with R/D team to build tools and interfaces to support production workflows
● Work with the VAD or VFX team to ensure the quality and integrity of all digital assets.
● Work with Production and the Virtual Production TD to define, build, and maintain a color pipeline for the on-set system that conforms to the needs of Production.
● Work with all departments to establish on set workflow and ensure that all relevant stakeholders have access to GUI interfaces relevant to their on-set responsibilities as needed.
● Work alongside our research and development team to spearhead new developments in display, rendering, hardware and software ventures.
● Other related duties as assigned.

Position Requirements:

● Must be highly computer literate with Windows and/or Linux Operating Systems.
● Must be an excellent troubleshooter to diagnose and solve issues in complex integrated systems of computers, video recording systems, software, and other sensor driven systems.
● Familiar with a variety of concepts, practices, and procedures used in visual effects and live-action film production.
● Excellent communication, interpersonal and diplomacy skills.
● Must be detail oriented, highly organized and be able to handle a variety of tasks in an efficient manner.
● Must be familiar with ACES/OCIO.
● Must be highly proficient with Unreal Engine.
● Must be familiar with Unreal Blueprint.
● Knowledge of C++ and Python preferred.
● Familiarity with version control preferred (IE Perforce).
● Knowledge of physical lighting protocols such as DMX, artnet and sACN preferred.
● Experience working in live television and film a plus.
● As needed, may be needed to support on-set productions.

Job Type Full Time 
Weekly Limit N/A
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