- Audio Operations Manager / Studio Audio Lead (A1)

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Audio Operations Manager / Studio Audio Lead (A1)


Audio Operations Manager / Studio Audio Lead (A1)

• Intermediate Level


Pac-12 Networks: The Audio Operations Manager and Studio Audio Lead reports to the Senior Manager, Technical Direction, works closely with production and engineering, and is responsible for final product output of studio broadcasts to Network Specifications.

Category Audio / Music / Sound  Live Event / On Location Services 
Location San Francisco Bay Area
Time Period Full Time
Posted Date Oct 04, 2022
Start Date N/A
End Date N/A

Job Description

  • Perform duties for all audio and communications aspects of daily and weekly sports broadcasts and be responsible for the final on-air product, including all sounds that make air
  • Follow instructions from directors and producers during productions:  implementing commands for music cues, effects mix and takes; Producing recorded and live broadcast studio programs
  • Control audio and communications equipment during television broadcasts:  Monitoring strength, clarity, and reliability of incoming and outgoing signals, and adjusting equipment as necessary to maintain quality broadcasts; Adjusting communication channel assignments and levels to ensure smooth interaction between positions
  • Ensure audio consistency in broadcast across multiple production methods, including full trucks, multi-cams, and various automated production methods
  • Integration and development of new equipment: Integrates new equipment that we bring into our production facility and determine a plan for maintaining and updating it along with training other staff and freelance personnel to use it.
  • Maintain equipment:  Test and troubleshoot equipment functionality issues; Perform preventive and minor equipment maintenance; promptly reporting issues and ensuring repairs are made in a timely manner; Documenting and Backing up settings for specific configurations on mixers, routers, and patches between devices
  • Maintain consistency across all multi-cam productions by determining and distributing audio specifications for the different yearly sports production across all the different formats and trucks
  • Work closely with the Remote Technology Manager, Engineers, and A1s to execute proper audio setup and configuration
  • Work with engineering and production departments: Meeting communication and broadcast audio needs; Creating mix procedures and standards for post-produced content; Organizing recording sessions, and preparing sound booths and television studios for recording; Maintaining logs and reporting
  • Collect and curate music cuts from our library for each season of productions and distribute as needed
  • Instruct support crew concerning communications and on-air audio equipment and function.
  • Train new A1s and A2s on our procedures and methods acting as a mentor to enable the growth of existing crew members and in the development of new ones.
  • Perform other duties as assigned by the Director of Studio Operations
  • Four-year degree in television or related field or demonstrated equivalent professional experience
  • Minimum 5 years of A1 experience in broadcast television production operations for live or taped remote special events/sports
  • Ability to supervise and/or independently set up and operate audio booth and studio in order to facilitate productions and to mix fast-paced live programs with multiple live and recorded sources from the studio and in the field
  • Must be flexible, capable of handling multiple assignments, work well under pressure, thrive under tight deadlines
  • Must be willing and able to work flexible schedules including evenings, overnights, and most weekends and holidays
  • Must possess an acute auditory sense, strong organizational and communication skills, and be self-motivated
  • Applicant must have experience with and significant working knowledge of Calrec audio systems, Artemis and Summa audio consoles, 5.1 audio, Dante audio and audio over IP, RTS communications equipment, SpotOn, enterprise media asset management systems, Windows and Mac-based computer applications, routers and multiple types of live production trucks.  
  • Project an appropriate professional appearance and demeanor and maintain positive and cooperative rapport with staff, management, and clients. 

Job Type Full Time 
Weekly Limit N/A
Shift Day, Evening
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