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Animatic Editor


Animatic Editor

• Emerging Level
Skills: Editor Animation


Floyd County Productions: The animatic editors primary responsibility is to assemble an animatic from the storyboards and radio play, and pass it off to the lead editor for client reviews, and finishing.

Category Animation  Editor 
Location Greater Atlanta Area
Time Period Full Time
Posted Date Oct 03, 2022
Start Date N/A
End Date N/A

Job Description

The animatic editor will work closely with each episode's Director to assemble the first pass of storyboards, identify issues, and collaborate on solutions. Producers will work with the editor to refine animatics for submission to EPs and Showrunners. With a finished animatic, the editor works with the animation supervisor to make sure all shots are exported correctly for animation. The animatic editor may be asked to jump in on other areas of the editing process, such as cutting up audio, organizing projects, or searching for music. The animatic editor reports to the Lead animator.

Skills Required:
  • 1-2 years of experience working as an editor in the animation industry.
  • Expert knowledge of Adobe Premiere Pro; familiarity with the Storyboard Pro, Harmony Fusion, and ftrack is a plus.
  • Must be an exceptional listener, communicate with a calm demeanor, and patience to try out a variety of ideas in the edit room.
  • Must be a problem solver; possess a willingness to take over and work out a consensus when feedback is lacking, vague or conflicting. 
  • Capable of working independently as well as in conjunction with the rest of the edit staff.
  • Must be able to run an edit session remotely or in person with producers/directors.
  • Possess an understanding of the editing to animation pipeline.
  • Must be organized and willing to comply with Floyd County’s best practices.
Job Responsibilities:
  • Become familiar with scripts and be mindful to communicate to Producers when storyboards or VO deviate.
  • Work with the Director to understand the intention of storyboards, and assemble the first pass of the animatic.
  • Implement notes received from Producers, Directors and Lead Editor in a timely manner.
  • Throughout the process be diligent about keeping track of what storyboard shots and panels are cut or modified. Take detailed notes to share with Lead Editor and Director about storyboard changes.
  • Work with Production Manager to export and post animatics at each stage.
  • Work with the animation supervisor to export the locked animatic into kicks for animation.
  • Be ready to jump in whether it be on radio plays or conforms.
  • At times be ready to run a client review of episodes with Showrunners or/EPs.
  • Maintain and organize the project timeline based on guidance from Lead Editor, Conform Editor, and Sound Engineer to keep the hand-off as smooth as possible.
  • Be diligent about flagging and noting FX, splices, and Producer choices, or any oddities that need to be communicated to the Sound Engineer, Lead Editor or Conform editor to keep the hand-off as smooth as possible.
  • Must reside in GA or be willing to relocate to GA.
  • Must be able to provide authorization to work in the US. 
  • Must be able to provide proof of COVID vaccination and boosters.
  • EOE
Hourly rate: $30.00
Estimated start: Nov/Dec

Job Type Full Time 
Weekly Limit N/A
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