- 2nd Assistant Editor

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2nd Assistant Editor


2nd Assistant Editor

• Emerging Level
Skills: Editor Animation


Reports to First Assistant Editor and Supervising Editor

Category Assistant  Editor 
Location Greater Los Angeles Area
Time Period Full Time
Posted Date Sep 22, 2021
Start Date N/A
End Date N/A

Job Description

Daily Duties
* Preps for and handles dailies screenings (sweatbox sessions) under direction of the Production Supervisor
* Have good working knowledge of all editorial pipeline and EDI tools (digital tools)
* Experienced in cutting and conforming sound effects to story sketches and animation for screenings purposes
* Attends color dailies and take notes for SHOTGUN software updates and follow up in Editorial
* Imports and preps dialogue recordings for editor after each recording session
* Updates reels into the Avid with new sketches, animation and color scenes
* Issues EDL list and composition cuts prior to previews and screenings
* Supports 1st Assistant by helping to digitize and organize media
* Follows all priorities given by 1st Assistant and help in all areas of Editorial
* Helps prepping reels for locking sessions before issuing a final composition for digital color timing and double checking that correct takes are cut in
* Supports Post Production Manager pulling proper sequences for trailer requests
* Supports Supervising Editor and 1st Assistant Editor

* Maintains effectiveness of the Avid by organizing bins, maintaining memory load, and taking old media offline
* Organizes all media
* Creates cut lists for other assistants and camera crew
* Makes sure the Supervising Editor has all media prepared, properly organized, and named
* Establishes procedures for working on and organizing Avids to be used by Editorial
* Helps keeping the Avid working properly and efficiently
* Makes QT outputs for Production, Sound Editor, Music Editor, and all other requestors
* Helps to cut digital pencil tests and dailies for sweatbox sessions
* Shuts down Avid at the end of the day and complete any “housekeeping” work
* Makes sure all software is approved by Post Production and Media before it is loaded onto the system

Required qualifications
* 2 + years experience in a Feature Film Editorial Capacity
* Editorial experience in Feature Animated Films preferred
* Advance technical knowledge of AVID Media Composer
* Understanding of Animation pre-production, production and post production processes

* Bachelor’s Degree in Film, Digital Media, related field or equivalent work experience

Job Type Full Time 
Weekly Limit 40
Shift Day
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