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U.K. Tackles Bullying, Europe’s TV Gender Gap, Women On Screen, Black Actors Emmy Nominations and George Perez Remembered 

High-profile industry figures in the U.K. are tackling bullying in the industry, the European Audiovisual Observatory’s latest report reveals a gap in women’s jobs, men outnumber women 2 to 1 in movies, Black actors have been nominated in both lead acting categories for the Emmys, and George Perez is remembered. 

By Lauren Cali
May 12, 2022

U.K. Tackles Bullying
The United Kingdom is making strides towards anti-bullying campaigns, with a new body being created. This body is the Independent Standards Authority - Deadline reports . This action is a huge step forward since 2017 when UK Time’s Up teamed up with the British Film Institute and Bafta to develop guidelines against bullying and harassment. UK Times Up called for the creation, and Heather Rabbatts, chair, said: 

“A historic moment for the film and television industry to create a new body, which will provide a just process for complainants and for those accused, to drive accountability and integrity. The ISA is a crucial development in the fight to eradicate unacceptable behavior and support safe, respectful, and dignified working conditions for all. We are all aware that whilst there are helplines and advice, which are, of course, crucially important, fear and suspicion remain and, in a sector dominated by freelancers with little or zero employment protection, and access to work being based on formal and informal networks, many continue to suffer in silence.”

Actresses Keira Knightley and Naomie Harris, who have been victims of assault in their careers in the past, have joined the pledge against bullying. Keira said: 
“For anyone to fulfill their creative potential there cannot be fear or disrespect or any kind. We are all entitled to work in safe, respectful spaces where dignity for all is upheld. I believe the ISA is an important step in helping to achieve this.”
Naomie said “No one should go to work fearful of harassment, bullying, and abuse. For anyone to have their voice and reach their full potential, where we work must be safe and respectful. I believe the ISA is an important step in helping to achieve this.”

Europe’s TV Gender Gap
In a recent report by the European Audiovisual Observatory, it has been found that female professionals only account for 17% of working directors in the European television industry - The Hollywood Reporter reports

The industry is bustling, with 37,000 TV movies and series episodes produced between 2015 and 2020. Female producers did account for 44% of TV fiction during those five years. Fewer episodes were made as well, an average of 10 for directors. 

Areas with the least female representation are cinematography and music composition. Women made up 7% of cinematographers and 5% of music in those five years. 

Women On Screen
San Diego State’s Center for the Study of Women in Television and Film’s It’s a Man’s (Celluloid) World report has found that men outnumbered women 2 to 1 in 2021- The Hollywood Reporter reports.  

Martha Lauzen, executive director for the center said: 
“Despite the major disruptions in the film business over the last couple of years, onscreen gender ratios have remained relatively stable.” 
There was an 8% achieved gender parity, however, for female characters in the top 100 highest-grossing films. Otherwise, 85% of films were majority male. 
Here is the breakdown of female characters by race: 

             | 2020    | 2021
White  | 74.4%  | 57.6%
Black   | 13.2%   | 16.4% 
BIPOC | 10.4%   | 12.8%

Black Actors Emmy Nominations
For the first time in years Black actors have been nominated in both lead acting daytime Emmy categories - Shadow and Act reports

This year’s nominees for the 49th annual Daytime Emmy Awards, which takes place June 24th, have many reasons to celebrate. Milestones include 
  1. First time since 2012 there are Black nominees in both the Lead Performance: Actor and Lead Performance: Actress categories
  2. All nominees in the Best Informative Talk Show feature people of color as hosts
  3. First Daytime Emmy nomination for Beyoncé 

  • In Memoriam

    Comic book artist George Perez passed away on May 6th. George was well known for comics “Wonder Woman” and “Crisis on Infinite Earths”. George worked for Marvel, DC, and Boom! Studios. He is remembered here

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